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AN Historical Relation  Of the Island CEYLON, IN THE EAST-INDIES:
TOGETHER,  With an ACCOUNT of the Detaining in Captivity the AUTHOR and divers other Englishmen now Living there, and of the AUTHOR’S Miraculous ESCAPE.

Illustrated with Figures, and a Map of the ISLAND.
By ROBERT KNOX, a Captive there near Twenty Years.

Printed by Richard Chiswell, Printer to the ROYAL SOCIETY, at the Rose and Crown in St. Paul’s Church-yard, 1681.

At the Court of Committees for the East-India Company the 10th of August, 1681.

We Esteem Captain Knox a Man of Truth and Integrity, and that his Relations and Accounts of the Island of Ceylon (which some of us have lately Perused in Manuscripts) are worthy of Credit, and therefore encouraged him to make the same Publick.

Robert Blackbourne, Secretary.
By Order of the said Court.

August 8. 1681.

Mr. Chiswell,

I Perused Capt. Knox’s Description of the Isle of Ceylon, which seems to be Written with great Truth and Integrity; and the Subject being new, containing an Account of a People and Countrey little known to us; I conceive it may give great Satisfaction to the Curious, and may be well worth your Publishing.

Chr. Wren.

TO THE Right Worshipful

The GOVERNOR, the DEPUTY GOVERNOR, and Four and Twenty Committees of the Honorable the EAST-INDIA Company, Viz.

Sir Josiah Child Baronet, Governor.
Thomas Papilion Esq; Deputy.

The Right Honorable George Earl of Berkley,
Sir Joseph Ashe Baronet,
Sir Samuel Barnardiston Baronet,
Mr. Christopher Boone,
Mr. Thomas Canham,
Colonel John Clerke,
Mr. John Cudworth,
John Dubois Esquire,
Sir James Edwards Knight, and Alderman,
Richard Hutchinson Esquire,
Mr. Joseph Herne,
Mr. William Hedges,
Sir John Lawrence Knight, and Alderman,
Mr. Nathaniel Letton,
Sir John Moore Knight, and Alderman,
Samuel Moyer Esquire,
Mr. John Morden,
Mr. John Paige,
Edward Rudge Esquire,
Mr. Jeremy Sambrooke,
Mr. William Sedgwick,
Robert Thomson Esquire,
Samuel Thomson Esquire,
James Ward Esquire.

Right Worshipful,

What I formerly Presented you in Writing, having in pursuance of your Commands now somewhat dressd by the help of the Printer and Graver, I a second time humbly tender to you. ’Tis I confess at best too mean a Return for your great Kindness to me. Yet I hope you will not deny it a favourable Acceptance, since ’tis the whole Return I made from the Indies after Twenty years stay there; having brought home nothing else but

(who is also wholly at your Service and Command)

London 1st. of August, 1681.



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